Changing beliefs

Black or white, all or nothing.

Often people tend to overgeneralize, distort and/or delete their experiences in and of the world to fit a belief system they have spent years to develop. The result is a feeling of having no or just little choice and options and a feeling of being proven to be right, which can leave a person feeling hopeless, depressed and anxious. Not really a good place to be in.

It does sound simple yet it does help to find examples of things that went well, experiences that made you feel good, successes, when you think nothing works and nothing ever worked out for you and you are basically chased by bad luck.

"I never won anything EVER." Is that really true? Tune in and check, be honest with yourself, what have you left out, missed, ignored?

You can even make a table on a sheet of paper to get it black ON white :) On the left you write all your perceived black scenarios and beliefs, the right side (yes, the RIGHT side) will be used to challenge your thinking and to find examples for the opposite.

Taking that one step back from doom and gloom allows you to see more colors than you thought and gives you a bigger picture of the life you are actually living and changes beliefs, that felt to be true to you for long, but are not valid.

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