Tim Box - 3 Tips to reduce Anxiety (Part 1)

Ask the Experts.

I have been asking dear friends and colleagues, experts in their field, for their 3 Top Tipps on how to keep mentally and physically healthy and sane in these challenging, uncertain and also interesting times.

I am very happy some agreed to a little interview.

Here is what they say.

This mini series starts with Tim Box.

Tim is the Owner and founder of the Control System, Remedial Hypnotist, Trainer, International Speaker (TED) and Bestselling Author of his book "Clear your Head". He is an expert on Anxiety.

In this little interview Tim is going to share his 3 Top Tipps on how to manage feelings of overwhelm and anxiety in times of lockdown and Covid-19.

Sit back and enjoy what he has to say:

Watch his amazing TED Talk about Anxiety here:

Find out more about Tim Box HERE.

Get your copy of his book "Clear your Head" on Amazon HERE.

and find him on Instagram HERE.

In the next part I introduce Damian Hall, Personal Trainer and Coach, who speaks about the importance of nutrition, exercise and a daily structure.

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