How to influence your brain


If you believe it is, it is and you will find evidence for it everywhere.

And why is that?

Because our brain owns something that is called reticular activating system (RAS). It is just a small part of the brain with tremendous influence. It filters information.

Every day we are bombarded with so much information, we would go completely nuts, if everything would be available to us at all times. So the RAS takes care, that not everything gets through to our consciousness. In fact, only a very small part of information does, to keep us sane.

Have you ever wondered, why once you fancy something, it seems to appear everywhere you go?

The new car or dress you would like to buy, suddenly everyone has it,

you can hear your name in a noisy crowd,

you have a bad day and everyone around you seems to be just as grumpy as you are and to make it worse, they are grumpy especially to you....the list goes on.

The RAS takes what is important to you and makes this information available to you. It is your personal filter.

With other words: what you focus on, becomes your reality.

Are you focussing on being a failure, not being good enough for anybody at any time?

You will be served evidence for your belief.

Are you focussing on being bad at something, at Public Speaking, at learning a new skill, are you experiencing yourself at being clumsy in general?

Your RAS will not fight that idea either. It will confirm your thought.

That is one reason why it is important, what we are focussing on and what we believe to be true.

Some people seem to experience endless sunshine in their lifes. They are able to perceive the beauty around them, they are filtering different information a different way. Things appear more positive and light, obstacles can be overcome and dealt with, mistakes are learnings etc.

The good news is: we are no victims to our brains. It's not either black or white.

The brain is learning all the time till the end of our lifes. So we are able to train it, to influence it in a more convenient way for us. With new learnings and experiences we create new neuropathways, new connections that our brain establishes, new filters we perceive the world through.

So how can we do that?

One way to learn is through hypnosis and/or self hypnosis.

You are able to create an experience for yourself, that will benefit and serve you. As the unconscious/subconscious part of you doesn't make a difference between "good" or "bad" or between "real" and "imagined" you can feed your brain with more constructive and positive information, with possibilities and ideas.


You have a goal, something you would like to achieve.

And you might have always believed you will never be able to do that, there is no way you can get, what you want.

This is your belief, your thought and you will experience blocks and obstacles everywhere you look. Your perception will be confirmed.

Now when you turn your thoughts and beliefs around and create possibilities of you achieving your goal, your brain plays along, too.

How can you do that:

- Think of that goal, you would like to achieve.

- Get a sense of the result:

- What does it imply for you to experience that achievement?

- How does it look like?

- What else could you sense? Sounds, smells?

- How would it feel like to have achieved your goal?

Create your mental image or even movie of you having achieved your goal. Play this movie and step inside the movie. Experience it. Feel great about it. Replay it and repeat.

Your brain will learn and feed you with new information from the world around you.

And remember: the world is not out to get you, it just is.

You can influence, what you would prefer to know.

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