2 simple questions to unstuck yourself

Often we tend to make life complicated. Thoughts seem to appear out of nowhere and we start to construct a whole book around one train of thoughts. We create stories and scenarios around an appearing thought and those are rarely positive and constructive ones. What if I cannot handle this or that? What if I lose something or someone, if I stand up for myself, or if I dare to make a decision?

We are not always aware of our own story telling. We become absorbed by problems and all the things that could go wrong. And so we managed brilliantly to convince ourselves, that what we fantasize about is actually the truth.

Everything becomes so difficult, so complicated, not to be overcome, ever.

Yet, is it?

Your unconscious mind picks up on that. It always wants your good, your safety, your happiness. It wants you to survive and provide you with the life you want. It cannot make the difference between imagination and reality. It becomes real, the moment you believe what you think.

As a result you might feel stressed and anxious, depressed, weak and lost.

But how many of the things you were thinking are actually your reality?

Mark Twain has put it in beautifully simple words:

“I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

And so it is, magic is in the simple things.

Therefore I invite you to play with a simple exercise containing 2 simple questions not even taking 5 minutes of your time (maybe they will, who knows):

Take a moment for yourself, take pen and paper, it will change the way you perceive yourself and your life, when you feel stuck and you will change your mood just by looking at the following thought:

"What went well this year?"

This simple question is often forgotten, when you just see a wall in front of you. Turn around and look. You might be surprised about all the things you find.

Once you realised, that quite some good things happened and you were moving forward without consciously noticing you were, you can continue to ask yourself:

"And what can I still improve?"

You will find the second question easier to answer from a perspective of awareness of your replies to the first one.

It is all about changing perspective, bringing attention to solutions away from problems.

And there you have your list of things that went well, which is a boost of peace of mind and confidence. And your list of things you can still improve. Just pick one at the time and choose a little activity that will bring you closer to your improvement. Take it light and as slow or fast as you need. And stay aware of the changes that will happen because of you and for you.

Your unconscious mind will pick up on that and change direction, creating a more positive and constructive path in an effortless way.

I find this a valuable and easing little exercise to do and I hope it brings value to you too.

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