Know your inner Observer

Feeling heavy and anxious, low, insecure, depressed, you name it. All of those feelings have something in common. You are right in the middle of them, squeezed. They wash all over you and you stop thinking clearly, you can't find a way out, you don't feel any hope. They are powerful, eating you from the inside and take control over you.

What would happen if you were able to step outside for a moment? Could you experience exactly the same despair, tension, hopelessness? What could be possible for you if you would detect your inner observer?

The goal of this exercise is to distance yourself from states and feelings that weigh you down and burden you. Your imagination is your power and you can choose to make it your friend. Instead of creating negativity through your imagination, you can decide to create something more useful for you, that lifts you up and gives you space to breathe.

This exercise serves the purpose to observe yourself from the outside. By stepping outside of yourself you are already creating space between you and your worries and fears.

Find a comfortable space and a moment of time just for you.

Begin to observe your body from the outside. How are you sitting, lying down, standing? How are your hands and feet placed? How are you breathing, what part of your body is moving, when you inhale and exhale? Observe details of your body and realize you are able to observe your body from an outside position. Therefore you are more than your body.

Observe your thoughts next. What thoughts are crossing your mind? What is coming, what is going? Where will you let your mind allow to wander? How are the thoughts changing, jumping, crawling, creeping in?

Realize you are observing your thoughts. You are able to observe your thoughts, therefore you are more than them.

Move over to your moods and emotions and observe those. How are you feeling right now? And now? And now? And then?

Last but not least:

And that might appear a bit difficult in the beginning, yet fun to explore:

Observe yourself observing yourself. How does that person on the chair/bed look like? How is this person behaving? How does he/she breathe? What else do you notice? Does this person make some sounds?

Realize how you observe yourself observing yourself. Your inner witness is able to be very aware and alert and able to create space between you and something that was dragging you down before.

Check how you experience a change now.

And as always have fun practising, the more you do that, the easier it gets.

I am always happy about feedback, so if you wish you share your experiences, please do so.

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