Looking back to look forward

2017 is nearly over. December is usually a busy month for most people. You have to meet deadlines, chase presents for Christmas and you already don't know when. Aside all of this you need to organize holidays so you can ease from all that stress after all. Or so you think. You run from one Christmas drink to another, from one empty conversation to another. In between you may find yourself asking the same questions like every year. How is this year already over? What have I really achieved and done? What happened to the goals I have set last year? What will next year bring? Will I finally manage to (fill in the blank)?

Well, take a step back and grant yourself some quality time.

What is really important to you in life?

Who are you now and who would you like to become?

How have you contributed to move somewhat closer to your values, ideals, dreams this year?

What was holding you back?

What have you really experienced?

What have you learned?

What were you really moved by this year?

What can you be grateful for having or being?

What would you like to invite into 2018 to become part of your life?

If you could choose one word, that you would like 2018 to stand for, what word would that be for you? Make this word specific enough, write it down, keep it with you and remember it throughout the coming year.

You might be tempted to choose the word happiness. Be aware, that happiness is something different for everybody, including yourself, depending on your needs and moods in a specific time and context. So you might get confused in the process about what really contributes to happiness and what doesn't.

But if you think of happiness, you could break it down to one specific word, that would do that for you. What would you really wish for and need more of?

Make this word your focus and be curious how you will move forward differently with that in mind. Devide what is important and what simply could be dismissed in this point in time. How will you take action? How can you align those actions to your word? Play.

You can begin today and take one tiny first step and do something, that brings you closer to what you really want. Declutter your inside and outside, give things away you don't need any longer, let go of old grudges, anger, frustrations and create new and fresh space. I invite you to open yourself up to new ideas, set realistic and achievable goals for yourself so you can create a future, that is more aligned with your needs and satisfactory to you. Listening to this MP3 will help you to ease into a state of relaxation. From there it is easy to get a taste of a future you could create and the steps you might want to take. Enjoy.

My gift for you available for a limited time.

Free Download.

Note: Do not listen to the MP3 while driving or operating machinery. Make time for yourself and make sure, you won't be disturbed for around 20 Minutes.

I wish you a very pleasant Christmas Time!

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