Floating on a cloud

Hypnosis is a great way to alter perceptions of reality for your own good. There is nothing scary about it, nothing outlandish nor alien. Hypnosis is natural and already part of everyones life. Some perceive it as mind control, some as dark magic and others as a helpful tool to influence their own mind in a positive way to regain control, that they have lost a long time ago.

Hypnosis serves your health, reduces stress and anxiety. You can influence your thoughts, feelings and behavior and therefore you can create life changing experiences. And the best is, hypnosis on self is easy to use and available to you at all times.

But how do I induce hypnosis on myself? Well in a way that is what most people do every day already. When you focus on one specific area in your life, one specific thought or event, chances are you are hypnotizing yourself already. Everything outside that thought, area, event seems to disappear and become irrelevant for the time you are concentrated on that one thing.

One classic example is driving a car. You are on your way from A to B and you might think you are present all the way, but often it happens, that you arrive at B and you don't remember how you got there. You were listening to the radio or your favorite music, maybe you were thinking about your day while driving and yet you arrived at your destination automatically. Unconsciously you did everything necessary to navigate your car through traffic.

That sounds very hypnotic, doesn't it. And it is natural too. So in a way people are moving from one trance into another several times during the day. And everyone carries the power inside themselves to influence their trances.

Someone who suffers from anxiety spends a lot of time focussing on negative thoughts and filters the reality according to those thoughts.

One of those thoughts, that seem to occur automatically from deep inside, might be : „I am not good enough.“

With this in mind the reality is formed around that thought and things that happen will be pressed into that scheme. „Of course X doesn't treat me with respect.“ „Y didn't say 'Hello' to me this morning. I am sure Y doesn't like me.“ „I will never be happy.“ „No one loves me.“ „I will totally embarrass myself (again).“

So the focus here is on a negative self image. And anxious people might be looking for „proof“ of that thought all around them. And they will find it, because reality is narrowed down and positive events will be ignored or neglected.

That is basically perfect self hypnosis. The power of imagination at its Best.

The good news is, what goes one direction can go the other direction as well. You have the choice.

Self hypnosis can help those who suffer from anxiety to reduce their inner stress level, get new and different outlooks on life and on themselves by focussing on positive outcomes, rethinking problems and finding solutions. Relaxing the body and the mind breaks the trap of negative thinking and allows new ideas into the mind.

All you need is a bit of time, 10-15 minutes, and ideally a comfortable position.

- It all starts with breathing. Focus a moment on your breathing, find a comfortable pace and rhythm and notice how you are already beginning to calm down and to shift your attention away from the negative. Breathe in relaxation and breathe out all tension. It is all there is, you and your breathing.

- Find something you can focus your eyes on, a spot on the wall, a lamp, whatever it is. With time the spot you are focussing on begins to change color, maybe becomes blurry, your eyes get tired, maybe watering. They get so tired that it would be more easy to close them.

Not just yet.

- Start slowly counting backwards from 100. Take a deep breath after every number you count and relax your body and mind. After a while it will become exhausting to count and to keep your eyes open. You can close them and stop counting when it is more comfortable not to count anymore.

There you are already in a relaxed and peaceful place. All around you calms down, maybe here and there a thought passes by. Allow them to do so.

- Now imagine yourself becoming really light, so light that you could just float up and find yourself on a beautiful white and fluffy cloud. It is soothing and soft.

Notice how peaceful and calm it feels to be in this place. Allow the warmth and relaxation to spread through your whole body. Imagine everything you could see around you, while you are floating on that cloud. You might see the blue sky above you, maybe a plane passing by, a beautiful landscape beneath you. Sense the clean air, the warmth of the sun, touch the cloud, feel the freshnes. Take a few moments to just relax and enjoy these peaceful feelings, and let your mind drift.

You can travel on your cloud everywhere you want to, watching forests and cities, rivers and mountains drifting by. You can go higher or lower, faster or slower, let your imagination guide you.

Enjoy this peaceful time and allow positive suggestions into your mind.

Acknowledge how light, calm and relaxed you feel.

Feed yourself with inner peace and joy, motivation, serenity and acceptance or whatever it is you would like to feel.

Notice how your powerful imagination can create new ideas and different thoughts and embrace that.

- And when you are ready to return take all those wonderful feelings and thoughts with you, becoming more and more aware of where you are here and now. Feel your body and the space around you, wiggle your toes, stretch, return gradually giving yourself positive suggestions, knowing you can handle obstacles along the way, feel empowered and refreshed.

Open your eyes and feel amazing :)

The more you exercise self hypnosis, the easier it will be for you to enter into a state of peace and relaxation whenever you need. Make use of your inner power for your own benefit and take back control.

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