Spinning Emotions

Spinning emotions and changing them – how could that work you may ask.

A lot of people describe their feeling of anxiety or other uncomfortable and blocking emotions as a physical experience, that starts in their stomach and feels like a knot.

It may sound a bit weird, what I am going to describe, but it is a very useful technique to reduce feelings of anxiety and turn them around into feelings you would prefer to have instead.

So be open, experiment:

Become aware of that knot and where it is exactly located in your body.

Ask yourself:

From here, does it move somewhere else?

Does it maybe move up to my chest? To my throat? To my head? Does it move down? All over the place?

Which direction does it take?

Does it spin?

If it spins, how does it spin, clockwise or the other way around?

Become aware of the movement it takes,

imagine, what color does this feeling have, if it could have any?

Let it spin, being aware of the movement, the direction and the color.

You can now begin to influence that feeling and imagine it as it is and letting it spin and turn in the other direction.

How does that feel like?

You can go even one step further and imagine this feeling would now leave your body and you could see it in front of you.

As it spins into the opposite than originally, you can give it another color, as for the feeling is a different one.

Choose a color that you associate with warmth, happiness, excitement or a soothing feeling, a relaxed feeling.

Whereabouts in front of you is that feeling, how does it move, how does it look like now?

While imagining that, continue to let it spin into the opposite direction with the different color and then let it back into your body.

The emotion has changed.

Now you can test this changed emotion projecting it into future events, that would have caused you an uncomfortable feeling, like anxiety, before.

Imagine this future event and become aware of your feeling. As you might sense the knot (or how you would have experienced it) and its movements, turn it around, let it spin into the other direction, exiting your body, changing color, bringing it back into you body and notice, how your feelings differ.

Notice how you gain back control and enjoy feeling different, better.

How did this technique work for you? I am always pleased to receive feedback.

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