Role Modeling

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. Everything emotionally charged is happening right now, right then. The more vivid you are able to imagine things, the stronger is the impact.

Therefore you will feed your subconscious mind with positive thoughts:

NOTE: The Stronger You Imagine This, the More You Will Feel You Have Already Been Successful.

By practicing this regularly you will build the strong belief that you CAN be successful and create changes for yourself.

Visualize a Person You Admire (Role Modeling)

Take the time for yourself.

  • Make yourself comfortable and make sure you won’t be disturbed in anyway.

  • Close your eyes and start to use your favorite breathing technique for awhileAND/OR

  • Count yourself down from 10 – 1, with every descending number reminding yourself to become more calm and focused.

  • Now that you are so pleasantly relaxed and at ease, imagine yourself leaving your skin and entering another person.

  • Choose a person who reflects your desired behavior in situation X, Y, Z.

  • It may be someone you know personally, or not. It may be an actor or even a comic figure, or someone you just invent.

  • Slip into the skin of that person. BE THAT PERSON.

  • Go into that situation and say the things, that person would say,

  • Talk like that person would talk,

  • Move like that person would move,

  • Stand like that person would stand,

  • Mimic everything you can think of, that person would do.

You can do that exercise alone with closed eyes, or in front of a mirror, or in front of your partner, family, or friend.

Play BEING that other person, start to experiment. Enjoy the fun, notice the shift in your perception of situation X, Y, Z and acknowledge your positive feelings.

When you have experienced all those subtle differences in yourself,

just bring yourself back to the present time, feel refreshed, excited, light and good about yourself.

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