Shifting attention from negative to positive

Self Hypnosis is a great way to alter your mood and state, especially when you are feeling stressed, anxious or low. You are stuck in your thoughts and they pull you even further down. It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, it takes effort and action. But isn’t it worth it, when you know, you can make yourself feel better and lighter than before? You have the power to empower yourself.

How to take back control of your thoughts and feelings?

Sometimes it just takes a few minutes time to go from stressed and negative to a much more positive outlook and an ease of mind. Once the pattern is broken, you are much more open to think clearly again and put things into a different perspective. Dark clouds shift into a more colorful view. Give yourself that treat by simply allowing yourself this moment of quality time.

To access your subconscious mind and experience the power you have over your own thoughts, perform this little exercise as often as you can and see for yourself, how easy it can be to shift your attention from something negative into something beautiful and light:

1.Find yourself a comfortable chair, where you can sit down for a moment and know, you will not be disturbed in the coming minutes. Find a position, that makes you feel relaxed and ground your feet on the floor.

2. Find an object in the room and focus it with your eyes while you take deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth.

3. Repeat to yourself: “Relax" - around 4 times and feel your body relaxing, letting go of tension. And as you are letting go of any tension notice your eye lids getting heavier and more relaxed, till it is just easier and more comfortable for them to close.

4. The moment your eyes are closed, let them relax even deeper and dive into that sensation. You might feel your body becoming lighter and floating, maybe heavier and maybe even warmer than before.

5. Be still in that moment and enjoy your experience. Breathe normally in and out, don’t force anything.

6. Now in that very comfortable state of relaxation open your mind to the image of a place you like and feel very pleasant. This may be a beach at the sea, or a garden or you imagine yourself on top of a mountain looking at the view in front of you. Maybe you have been to a place on holidays, that made you feel really happy and at ease. Or maybe your subconscious is just inventing a place for you. Whatever comes to mind, this is your “happy and safe place”.

7. Use all your senses to experience the place you imagine. Look around, see everything you would see. Smell it, feel it in your whole body and enjoy all your thoughts of beauty and pleasure passing by.

8. Internalize your joy. Take it with you. Remember it.

9. When you are ready to come back, take some deep breaths, stretch your body, move your feet and hands, open your eyes and have a look around.

10. You are back in the Here and Now, you feel refreshed and fully awake.

11. And most important of all, you feel good. Your state of mind has changed.

You can repeat this little exercise, whenever you feel stressed or you find yourself trapped in your negative thoughts about yourself or the things going on around you. It might appear difficult in the beginning, but the more you practice, the better you become in it.

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